Beach Babe DVD 1 by Tone It Up! Review

Hello :)! So I finally went ahead and bought the Beach Babe DVD 1 by Tone It Up! Digital Download. I reviewed their Beach Babe DVD 2 in January, and I absolutely love the workouts. For six weeks straight, I was using those workouts along with some of their free Youtube workouts and cardio, and I feel a lot stronger and more toned. I bought the new DVD for some variety, and to use on my light days. The workouts are shorter, and sometimes when I am low on energy and time, but don’t want to miss my workout, I use this DVD.

When I was buying this DVD, I expected it to be more amateurish than the new Beach Babe DVD 2. They have had a lot of success since the launch of their first DVD, so their new DVD 2 is definitely more polished.

This digital download costs 29 USD, and as soon as you place your order, they send you an email with links to download all seven workouts. The link expires in 48 hours, and you can download each workout five times. I actually didn’t get this email when I first ordered, so after waiting for a couple of hours and checking my spam folder, I emailed their customer service. I got a quick and friendly reply within 4 hours with fresh links to download the workouts. So five stars to their customer service team :).

Here are the workouts in the order I tried them

Bikini Sculpt This is a 40 minute long full body workout with warm up, water breaks and some cool down stretches. You need an exercise mat and some dumb bells before you start (I used 2 kgs). This might be my new favourite full body workout. The exercises target your arms, shoulders. booty and abs. I paired this workout with 30 minutes of cardio. The moves are not very challenging but definitely burn. I will use this workout and days I’m looking for a light to medium intensity workout. Perfect for days when you are not feeling very motivated, effective without making you dread the next time you have to do it.

Bikini Booty This a 13 minute video that focusses on your booty and legs. I did this short and sweet routine after a 3 Km run. Great to add a little toning into a cardio day.

Summer Arms This arm routine is 12 minutes long, and that is my favourite part about this workout. This includes warm up, and there are no breaks. There are three circuits, one standing up, and two on the ground. A really great, quick workout to stack on at the end of a nice run.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.19.37 PM

HIIT the Beach This High Intensity Interval Training routine is 18 minutes long. It includes four HIIT routines, that is, 4 cardio movies of 15 seconds each to get your heart rate up, followed by a 30 seconds water break and two toning moves. I love cardio routines that I can do at home for days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, so this workout figures into my favourites list.

Surfer Girl This 25 minute full body routine is so much fun. They do this workout on a surf board, I used a mat, and it is really upbeat and cheerful. They break into a dance in the middle of the workout. So cute and again, great for days when you are looking for a light workout.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.18.44 PM

Bikini Abs This ab routine is 16 minutes long, and great to pair with either the Summer Arms routine or any full body routine.

Long and lean This ten minute stretching routine is by far my favourite. I did this before my first 5k :). It was easy to follow along and very relaxing. Great to pair with any workout at all.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.21.07 PM

In conclusion, these workouts were a great addition to my collection. And my collection by far is very small, it starts and ends with their workouts. Since I have tried both DVDs, I can compare them fairly. There is definitely a lot more creativity and balance in the newer DVD, the camera angles are better, the water breaks are prettier, and the workouts are better designed.

Beach Babe DVD 1 or 2 ? If there is a choice between the two, I say go for the second DVD, even if you are just beginning your fitness journey. The first DVD is not easier than the second DVD, in fact, in some parts, it is tougher. I got both because I needed the variety. Once again, I love the fact that these DVDs are available for download, so you save on shipping charges, and can order them and enjoy them anywhere in the world!

I hope my review helps :)!

In my next post, I am going to share the experience of my first 5k :)! Thank you for reading!


Chocolate Oatmeal Porridge <3

Hello :)! Another breakfast recipe from Avro’s Kitchen. Breakfast really is my favourite meal of the day! I had a really exciting week :)! I signed up for my first ever run! I see all these posts of my friends finishing 5ks, 10ks and some have even run half marathons. I think it is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to start. I signed up for the Devil’s Circuit run in Gurgaon on 9th March 2014, which also happens to be my birthday :)! My only regret is that Michael won’t be there to run with me, but I think I will have fun :)! It is a 5 km obstacle run, and I think the registration is still open, so sign up if you are interested. Here is the link :).


I also officially started training yesterday. 5 kms is a good distance for me to start because I normally run 4-5 kms on my run day, which is once a week, usually Sundays. I am also continuing with my Tone It Up! toning exercises from the Beach Babe DVD 2 to build on my strength and stamina. I am supposed to pick up my running bib this weekend, I am so super excited. I am also reading up on the kind of diet I should be on to train for a run, and I will write a post about that once I have successfully finished a few runs. Gurgaon normally hosts a lot of runs, and I usually find out about them only once they are over and I see the race day photos on Gurgaon Times. I will keep a look out for ads and post them on here to encourage some of you to join me :)!

Also, this week Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary :O! Time really flies when you are having a good time! Michael is in the States right now for his Airbus type rating, so we will celebrate when he gets back! Our wedding was so special! A lot of our family and friends flew in for the wedding. Michael is American of Greek and Scottish descent, and I am Indian, and we incorporated a little bit of our beautiful cultures for a very special ceremony. In fact, Michael wore a Scottish kilt :)! It was really pretty, and I love looking back at the pictures.

weddingOk, so here is the recipe! I totally made this up in my head. Avro and I were out on our daily 8am walk/pull. It was a cloudy, overcast day, and I was craving something hot and chocolatey. Here is what you need for this clean and super delicious breakfast.



Serves two

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup skim milk

1 and 1/3 cup water

2 large banana (or 3 small bananas),thinly sliced

1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder, I used Cadbury’s

2 TBSP homemade almond butter, or peanut butter

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds, for garnish

In a saucepan on medium heat, place the oats, milk, water and sliced banana. Whisk continuously while bringing the mixture to a light boil, so that the bananas get completely incorporated into the mixture. Add the cocoa powder and almond butter and continue whisking till the oats are completely cooked. I used instant oats, so mine was ready in less than 5 minutes. Serve with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds for a little crunch. Enjoy with a cup of coffee :)!

You can also halve the ingredients for a really delicious breakfast for one. If you wish to receive emails every time I post, you can sign up on this page. Also, follow Avro’s Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram :)! Thank you and have a great day :)!

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